About Us

What is LTT?

The Leadership Think Tank (LTT) is a non-profit that aims to develop a generation of Leaders who are adequately prepared and totally responsive
in addressing common, shared challenges that hinder development in Nigeria and Africa.

Who we Are

A group of young people who are passionate about development in Nigeria and Africa; and see the absence of leadership
as a major cause of underdevelopment in Nigeria and most part of Africa.

What We Do

1. Leadership programs and capacity building activities • Leadership forums, talks, townhall meetings etc. • Coaching and mentorship programs 2. Research and analysis • Development and dissemination of Scorecards and Dashboards to track governance and development at different levels. • Opinion polls on relevant issues bothering on governance and development. • Newsletters 3. Thought Leadership • Focused issues and position papers and publications on relevant topical and contextual issues. • Regular deep dive and brainstorm sessions on select issue